Commission Vote on Judge's Recommendation re: C&H Hog Farm Permit

August 24, 2018

Offer hog-farm permit for input, agency advised
State regulators next will vote on judge’s recommendation
By Emily Walkenhorst

Administrative Judge Moulton has recommended to environmental regulators that a permit application for a hog farm within the Buffalo River watershed should go back out for public notice and comment after it was denied earlier this year.

The Pollution Control and Ecology Commission must approve or disapprove of Administrative Law Judge Charles Moulton's recommendation on C&H Hog Farms. A vote is scheduled for Aug. 24.

If approved by the commission, the hog farm's permit application would be reopened for public input more than two years after the farmers' first applied for a new operating permit. C&H is currently operating under an expired permit issued under a different, and now-canceled, regulatory program.

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