Middle White River - Watershed Management Plan

September 11, 2018

Public Information Meeting Scheduled for September 11 - 1:00 - 3 pm 

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission North Central Regional Office

1125 AR Hwy 56 - Calico Rock 

To continue to discuss the development of a Middle White River Voluntary Watershed-Based Management Plan.  The first meeting was held in Batesville on May 31.

The purposes of the September 11 Calico Rock meeting will be to:

1.   Reiterate the issues raised during the first stakeholder meeting in Batesville;
2.   Present the current status and trends in water quality within the Middle White River
3.   Elicit information from stakeholders on potential voluntary management practices, measures, and actions to address the water quality issues raised in the first meeting; and
4.   Describe the next steps in the planning process.

The Middle White River Watershed includes portions of ten counties and extends from the Mountain Home area to near Jacksonport.

The purpose of the watershed management plan is to provide a framework for landowners, communities, and qualifying organizations to voluntarily undertake water quality projects in the watershed and improve their ability to receive grants from ANRC and other sources.

For more information, contact:

ANRC, (501) 682-1611; Allen Brown, Allen.Brown@arkansas.gov or 
FTN Associates, Ltd., (501) 225-7779; Terry Horton, twh@ftn-assoc.com.