Wildcat Shoals reopens September 15

September 15, 2018

Note from 
Christy Graham
Trout Biologist Supervisor
E-mail: Christy.Graham@agfc.ar.gov | P: (870) 424-5924 | M: (870) 404-0477

Regarding Wildcat Shoals access:

1) AGFT maintenance coordinator expects work on Wildcat Shoals Access to be completed around September 15th. The work has taken a little longer than expected, so we appreciate your patience while the work has been ongoing.

The ramp is finished and is undergoing the recommended curing time for concrete.  It is possible it to be completed by the folks who will do the asphalt for the parking areas.  White Hole Access will also be completed around the same time.

2) We stocked ~5,400 Brook Trout at Norfork Tailwater on August 16th.  Some folks are already catching them, which is great.  The original schedule waswill open on alimited basis before September 15th.  The contractor is now awaiting work that they would be stocked in December, so it doesn't match what is indicated in the Trout Fishing Guidebook.

3) We conducted our annual electrofishing sample in Dry Run Creek on August 8th.  During the sample, we collected several large fish with what appeared to be angler-made notches in their tails (see 2nd attached picture).  We have heard of folks doing this to "mark" trout as ones they have caught previously.  *We strongly advise against the practice of doing so*.  Injuries of this nature can cause infections in the fish and ultimately
lead to their death. The additional stress of handling and clipping can also negatively affect the fish. Please leave trout marking up to us, which is typically done in a controlled setting, while fish are sedated, and their condition is monitored for several weeks prior to stocking.


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