Thoughtful Watershed Development

September 26, 2019

Alliance Annual Symposium - Thoughtful Watershed Development - sponsored by Beaver Watershed Alliance 
Elkins Community Center, 162 Doolin Dr, Elkins, AR 72727, USA

When: Thursday, September 26, 9 am - 5 pm
Where: Elkins Community Center, 162 Doolin Dr, Elkins, AR

Details: Our Annual Symposium is titled "Thoughtful Watershed Development: Retaining the Character of Small Communities." Small communities and unincorporated areas in the Beaver Lake watershed face unique challenges as developmental pressures increase, the scope of growth expands, and both the sense of control and actual control over development at the small community level declines. The economic growth that is driving population increases in NWA at the same time seems to overrun small towns. The Alliance's Annual Symposium for 2019 will focus on development opportunities in small communities. More details coming soon. 

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