Save the Buffalo-Speak Out Now

On March 2 - leaders and member of conservation groups across Arkansas are contacting their state representatives, the Governor,  and other elected officials.  The goal and message is:

1.    To State their support of ADEQ's denial of permit for C & H hog farm

2.    To urge their State Representatives to NOT co-sponsor draft bills designed to undermine that ADEQ ruling.

3.    To Call or write the Governor and state your support of the decision and the process in place that is to be heard by the administrative judge         of  the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission.

Here is a sample letter for your consideration ....Find your representative here (link)

Need background? - Read here (link)

Dear Representative ________________

Are you aware of any act that may be introduced to override the ADEQ denial of the Regulation 5 permit for the C&H Hog Farm? If so, I would appreciate your thoughts on this legislation.

I have read the background on the C & H hog farm and support the ruling by ADEQ to DENY the permit based on incomplete plan and study that would assure the protection of ground water and the watershed.  I understand there are some in the legislature who disagree with the ruling and are crafting draft bills that  I fear will prevent the protection of the Buffalo by ADEQ.

I am opposed to this and urge you NOT to co-sponsor this bill nor support this attempt to override the appeal process that is yet to be heard by the administrative judge of the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission.  I believe in due process. 

I also believe we need more and better use of science-based-decision making in our state agencies that are charged with protecting our environment.  I look to your leadership and others duly elected to help us care for our environment and stand firm again politicizing permit decisions.

I repeat an admonition given recently by former Congressman Ed Bethune to the APCEC Commission to protect the Buffalo..."if anything happens to the Buffalo River, it will be a national disgrace...and it will be during your watch!"


Jane E. Darr