Stream Teams

The Arkansas Stream Team program enables concerned citizens to become involved in stream and watershed conservation through education, advocacy and stewardship. Stream team members receive training in water-quality monitoring, stream bank maintenance, and restoration techniques.  As stewards, Stream Team members participate in and support projects such as litter control, stream-bank stabilization, and stream side tree plantings, improvement of fish and wildlife habitat, and water-quality monitoring.

Friends of the Rivers wants to help you become active in a local stream team or to start your own. Contact Steve Filipek, State Stream Team Coordinator, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission at (501) 223-6369, 2 Natural Resources Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205. Locally, you may contact a Friends Board member or Bill Pettit at 870-453-1117 or .

To learn more about the Arkansas Stream Team Program or sign up online,

Learn about caring for your stream banks here!