Volunteer! - You Make a Difference

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Be the eyes and ears of the watershed. Report what you have learned or experienced, good or bad, to a board member.
    ADEQ website link https://www.adeq.state.ar.us/complaints/

Write  a story and submit your photos.  Send to riverfriend@friendsoftherivers.org

Attend Friends forums and other conferences concerning water quality. There are many. Check our calendar.
    url for the events pages http://friendsoftherivers.org/events/home/

Help us clean up! The Crooked Creek cleanup and float is scheduled each spring. Need a cleanup on your stream? Let us know.
    Write us at: riverfriend@friendsoftherivers.org

Watch for permit notices in local newspapers or libraries.  - this is a good source

Attend public hearings for permits. - We'll keep you posted on our events page http://friendsoftherivers.org/events/home/

Serve on a Friends Committee. We need your expertise.  riverfriend@friendsoftherivers.org   

Attend our fun and informative Annual Membership Meeting in April.  We'll keep you posted. 

Volunteer for a Stream Team to monitor water quality.  - Visit our Stream Team options on the Education Page...

Teach children about the watershed at Hatchery Day for Kids. - April and May are "Get Outside Days" - we need volunteers
and lots of help on the water and teaching about streamside habitat... riverfriend@friendsoftherivers.org

Keep the public informhttps://www.adeq.state.ar.us/complaints/ed. Help us manage our website or write a newsletter.  - do you love Facebook? - Social Media? - Let us know you'll help - write us at  riverfriend@friendsoftherivers.org

It's all about sharing your out-of-door experiences in the watershed...send your stores, poems, mullings and photos to
    Email Address: riverfriend@friendsoftherivers.org

Write your elected officials about issues. - We're building a list of current elected officials for each county of our watershed and
    across the state.  This is Arkansas - everything starts at home!! -  we are the ones that care the most about our "neck of the woods!"

Donate to the Mission!! We are a volunteer organization - and we're proud of it! - we're accountable to each other and the joys we share of our natural resources are joys we want to preserve for future generations.

Be involved. - Join Friends http://friendsoftherivers.org/members/home - take action, speak your mind with facts and critical thinking that can preserve the land and water in the Ozarks that are unique and special. riverfriend@friendsoftherivers.org