Landfill Update

January 9, 2023
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For background information on the sale and activation of the NABORS landfill, please refer to the previous article. Landfill to Be Sold | Friends of the North Fork & White Rivers (

Recently, two very important questions have been answered. This is found in the article in the Mountain Home Observer found here.

Any reopening of any cells in the now closed NABORS landfill site will require modifications to the existing ADEQ permit. The modification process will have to involve a robust public (stakeholder) comment period, as part of EPA permit rules. A stakeholder comment period would also apply to any new permits required if the property owner were to build additional landfill cells adjacent to the NABORS 56-acre site.

A public hearing may be requested by the public in their comments regarding any new permit or significant permit modification. To date, there has been no official request to transfer the NABORS landfill site permit to LRS.

The other answered question involved the hydrogeologic studies conducted by the purchaser (LRS) on the 698-acre property that surrounds the NABORS landfill. That investigation has not been completed.  ADEQ indicates that it is not required to release the results of the studies since it is being conducted privately.

Would LRS, if the corporation were to operate landfills at the site and become responsible for monitoring and remediation of hazardous leachate, be transparent with the information gathered by ongoing monitoring? And would LRS perform all the necessary remediation for the ongoing groundwater contamination from the NABORS landfill and all needed remediation for any new landfills for decades to come? Is ADEQ capable of providing oversight of these permits?

These are other important questions required of stakeholders (you) as we consider any action to oppose the sale of the closed landfill.