Reviving Our Newsletter

July 17, 2017
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This newsletter features an overview of Governor Asa Hutchinson's Beautiful Buffalo River Action Committee and the Buffalo River Watershed Management Plan, Friends on the Rivers - Duane Hada and Gabe Levin, Crooked Creek clean up and other Friends activities.

Future issues will feature streams and rivers in our watersheds, stream team activities, regulatory updates, information from Arkansas Game and Fish, Friends "on" the Rivers, upcoming events and recognition of new members.

Please contribute your stories, photos and experiences on our streams and rivers so we might share them with Friends.
Also if you see problems or have questions or concerns about our watersheds, please let us know.
Your passion and action will help us work toward protecting and enhancing our watersheds for future generations.
Thank you for your support.
Steve Blumreich
Friends of the North Fork and White Rivers