Dry Run Creek - Baxter County


If you are an angler under the age of 16 or a person of any age confined to a wheelchair, we have you covered as well!   Resting next to the Norfork Hatchery is Dry Run Creek, one of the top streams in America, and designed to accommodate stocked trout and easy access fishing for the mobility impaired and youngsters. 

With its specially designed walkways, ramps, and fishing platforms, the Dry Run Creek construction project completed in late 2010, has made it even easier to navigate the waters both by land and by water allowing the angler to hunt and stalk the behemoths that rest in the depths of Dry Run Creek!


This short stretch of nutrient-rich water has an excellent trout population, and it has been set aside as a special catch-and-release stream for properly licensed disabled anglers and for kids under 16. Only artificial lures with a single, barbless hook may be used, and fishing from sunrise to sunset is allowed.  Dry Run Creek starts at the hatchery and runs roughly 3/4 mile to the confluence with the Norfork River, offering fishing access the whole length if you wish to wade. 

If you are fishing the outlet of Dry Run Creek, near the Norfork Dam, please listen for a siren that warns of rising water levels as conditions can change quickly.   Also be advised, if fishing on the other side of the Norfork River on the steep slope, be aware of the siren or dam generation schedule, or else you could be waiting out the water release for a while!

Visit http://www.norforkhatcheryfriends.org/hatchery_waters/view/1 for the history of Dry Run Creek.

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