Twin Mountain

I am so proud to share the song Twin Mountain, written by Charley Sandage, and inspired by the sand mining challenges we face in Izard County. I saw Charley a few months back at a party and shared my concerns about the expansion of open quarry frac sand mining in the county. He said he could hear a song and this is what came out. Wow!

Charley is a premier song writer and musician in Mountain View. He is known for the "Arkansas Stories" songs he wrote and his efforts to spread music, song and Arkansas history through the schools of our state. He works with the excellent band, Harmony from Mountain View. (Disclaimer... I occasionally play with them.)

His songs mean something, say something and are historically accurate. This song is a "lament" which means it speaks of something we regret or mourn the loss of. In this case, it's this mountain and the hundreds of thousands of gallons of clean water that will be used each day just for the sand mining.

Charley did the vocals. Tim Crouch played all instruments and did the mix on this version. Chuck Hughes recorded the original tracks. My heartfelt thanks to all these gentlemen! You can read the lyrics here.

Charley gave the copyright of the song to FNFWR. That means it's for the rivers, streams and mountains we all love and for all of you who do something to protect them. You can download it or send links to others. If you appreciate the sentiments, a donation to our defense fund would be appreciated. We will use it to protect our rivers. We also have CD's which we'll send you or your friends for $10 including shipping and handling.

The photograph of Twin Mountain was taken by Art Jones, whose family has lived on Mill Creek for generations. In the foreground, you can see what's left of the banks of Mill Creek across from Art's land. It was destroyed by clearing of over a mile of the Creek. He will now watch the top of this mountain be removed for the next 20 years, if permits are granted and the work moves forward.

The song ends with this line.