HUC8 is now Priority

What the Heck! This HUC8 is now Priority


Did you know the Middle White River, as a Hydrologic Unit Code 8-Digit watershed, is now upgraded to a Priority Watershed according to the 2022 Watershed Matrix Update? We know you are as excited to read this as we are.

Ok, it means more funding is now available to projects that are designed to reduce nonpoint source pollution. This means projects that reduce stream sediment or that reduce excess nutrients such as nitrogen from human and animal waste will receive a higher probability of funding. In a scoring matrix used by the EPA, our watershed is among the top twelve priority watersheds in the state targeted for this type of pollution reduction. Our water quality is “good” and, as such, the waters and the aquatic life are more sensitive to factors that cause impairment. And those impaired stream segments that are known cause this watershed to rank higher.

The funds are administered by the Natural Resource Division of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture NRCS and other farm related agencies. But even Stream Team projects could receive help. County-wide efforts, such as the Unpaved Roads Program, are eligible.

For those that really want to know more about how this came about, there is a downloadable file on our webpage.