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| | September 01, 2020

We want to let you know that although Friends of the Rivers activities have been on pause due to COVID, Friends has continued much of its work to keep the waters of the White and North Fork Rivers clean and healthy.  

For example, our Stream Team has expanded its work of monitoring conditions on Dodd Creek by measuring the rate of stream bank erosion occurring as it flows through the ASU-MH campus. Dodd Creek flows into Hicks Creek and the Dodd Creek bank erosion may be a contributing factor in Hicks Creek being labeled as “impaired” by ADEQ due to excessive nitrogen.

Friends is working with the city of Mountain Home  to identify sources of excess nitrogen and bact
eria pollution in Dodd and Hicks Creeks in efforts to improve water quality in these Mountain Home creeks.

Friends continued our education commitment by awarding scholarships to two very deserving college students who will use the funds to help further their dream of advancing environmental conservation.  These young people, who share and hold dear the same commitment you and I feel to the conservation of our precious natural resources, to “giving something back,” are the future guardians of our water resources.

Although Friends’ has cut expenses this year, being able to continue to offer these scholarships and support the Friends’ other ongoing initiatives requires funding. 

Unfortunately, the Crooked Creek Cleanup and Crawfish Boil which has been Friends’ primary fundraising event in recent years was canceled due to COVID resulting in this year’s revenue being limited to memberships and donations.

We hope that you will not forget about Friends and will renew your member status when you are able.  However, many of us simply lose track of whether or not our memberships are paid up and current.  If you think that our records are in error, please touch base with Vern Berry at   

We sincerely appreciate your past and hopefully your future support for the Friends of the North Fork and White Rivers. We hope to see you in 2021, perhaps wading a river soon!

Printable membership brochure.